Recipient Testimonials

Share Kindness and Receive Kindness

Random Acts of Flowers delivers hope, encouragement, and kindness through thousands of repurposed bouquets annually. The monumental impact this simple act of generosity has on members of our community is evident by the joy spread, smiles shared, and gratitude we receive by way of numerous heartfelt cards, emails and phone calls. We feel honored to be able to share some of these kinds words of appreciation from just a few of our most recent recipients and healthcare partner facilities.

“What a week of blessings from volunteers this week!! We are so thankful for the donation of these ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements from Random Acts of Flowers!! I wish they could see the smiles they gave our patients & caregivers!!We love and are so blessed with our volunteers who want to do something special for our patients & families!!” -Healthcare partner

“The Flowers you put in my room were so pretty. They helped my get through my hospital stay. I’m home now, but I’ll never forget them. Keep up the great beauty you gave me, when I was so down. “God” knew I needed them, and I thank you so very, very much.” -healthcare recipient

“Oh My Goodness they are beautiful. I had some residents cry. Thank you for everything you do” -healthcare partner

“Thank you for the sweet floral pick-me-up yesterday that I received at Thompson Cancer Center West. My daughter donated her wedding flowers in 2019. I never dreamed I’d be on the receiving end. ” -Healthcare recipient

“This is a “thank you” to Random Acts of Flowers for the bouquets received at Westmoreland HRC. They are an encouragement and blessing to us. Everything matters. The little things you do make a big difference.” -Healthcare recipient

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