Grocery Store Partners

At Random Acts of Flowers, our mission is to share moments of kindness by delivering re-purposed flowers. We couldn’t do this without our grocery store partners.

Since our founding in 2008, Random Acts of Flowers has partnered with grocery stores to recycle flowers in a productive and meaningful way. We work with local companies to fulfill our mission, receiving thousands of bouquets a week, which we turn into deliveries for hospitals, hospices, and healthcare facilities in our community.

When you partner with us, you:

  • Help spread joy with unsold / unsaleable product. When working with grocery stores, Random Acts of Flowers makes treasure out of trash by gathering the unsold or unsaleable flowers that would typically be discarded.
  • Reduce waste and foster community sustainability. We collect the flowers before they enter the grocery store’s dumpster. All flowers that Random Acts of Flowers’ volunteers can use are re-purposed into new bouquets and any unusable flowers are composted with a community partner.
  • Increase community engagement and build your brand positively. Working with Random Acts of Flowers gives businesses an opportunity to engage with the community and spread goodwill. We identify all floral donors on the delivery cards that go in each bouquet – each recipient sees the community members and businesses that donated flowers to help deliver smiles in the community.
  • Gain tax incentives. We are an IRS registered 501(c)3 charity and provide donation history and tax information to enable businesses to write-off donations as a charitable gift.

To learn more about becoming a grocery store partner:
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